The American Dream is synonymous with owning a home of one's own. But as a life-long renter and a moderate-income artist and massage therapist, I felt I could not realize this dream.
Miraculously last year, with the help of a small inheritance from my mother, I was able to buy a half-acre building lot in beautiful Crestone, Colorado, nestled into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. (GoogleEarth: 724 Rendezvous Way)
MY PLAN . . .
I was also able to buy a fully functional, 30 foot long, 1972 Airstream trailer (with a full bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room) which I have remodeled into my "Dream Stream."
My plan is to move my Dream Stream onto my land and live in it while I slowly build a small, energy efficient house with the help of my friends.
The land and the trailer are  totally paid for. What I need help with is the next phase: having all the infrastructure put on to my land.
Tapping into city water, sewer, electricity and putting a rough driveway on to my land will cost over $16,000. I am seeking your micropatronage in the form of donations in any amount to help me with my dream.
What will you receive in return for your support, besides my undying gratitude and possibly a place in heaven? Take a look, then chose.
$1-$100: A set of 5 greeting cards/envelopes from my images of Tibet; 5"x6", suitable for framing or regifting.
$101-$250: Greeting cards AND your choice of one of my Blurb Books: "Luminosity" or "Suchness"
$251-$500: Your choice of any (1) jewelry, apron, shadow box, or clock from
$501-$1000: All three perks above PLUS a matted 11"x14" photgraph of your choosing from this website.
$1001+ All 4 perks above, OR a 3-day stay in the Dream  Stream and a massge from me.

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